Doing our part
to clean the ocean

Plastic pollution is not the fault of just one country.
It's a global concern that needs global solution.


RemediOcean Inc. was formed specifically to clean up
the world’s oceans of floating and suspended plastic trash.

It was formed in mid-2016 to combat the growing threat of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. This pollution is not the fault of just one country. ALL countries that produce or use plastic are responsible for failing to dispose of it properly.

We have been disposing of plastic in all its forms since the 1950s. Since plastic was designed to be durable, it stays in the environment until properly disposed of. It does NOT degrade like a biological substance would. It is essentially inert. It does not interact with the environment except when it is exposed to direct sunlight or is heated. Learn More »

RemediOcean also hopes to attract sponsorships of corporations and civic groups by painting their country’s flag on the perimeter of the barge and could also paint a corporate logo or flag in place of a country flag.